About Bellecare.

We have been manufacturing natural cosmetics and dietary supplements since 2008. Our goal is to combine the best of nature and science to offer a unique, natural skin care as well as health and wellness products. 


Our drivers are our high standards of quality and sustainability. We believe in fair trade, because ecological and social responsibility is very important to us. We support many small farmers in South Africa with the harvest of our Aloe Ferox, which is done exclusively by hand. Our packaging and logistics are carried out in a local workshop facility for persons with disabilities.


In order to guarantee high and consistent quality, our cosmetic products are manufactured in a bio-cosmetic laboratory in Switzerland.

Aloe Vera's alternative.

We have chosen the family of Aloe plants especially the Aloe Anmaris, also known as Aloe Ferox. Why? This desert lily, which grows in South Africa, was already used in ancient times for body care and wound treatment. Similar to the gel of Aloe Vera, this plant also has the ability to nourish the skin particularly well. The ingredients form a highly effective active substance complex for our entire body. The process of cell regeneration is optimally supported by the nutrients contained.


Bellecare uses these natural Aloe products in its cosmetic lines vleur®, sanmar® and the dietary supplement products Bellecare balance. 


Facial care products include hyaluron, vitamin E, liposomes and ceramides. We only use high-quality ingredients of natural origin.


The result is evident: the skin is visibly smoothed, vitalised and sustainably strengthened. 

About us.

We are Bellecare:

Esther and Peter Engeler


For over 30 years, we have both worked in technical, pharmaceutical and service-oriented companies on an international basis. In the process, our desire for a joint professional task has grown continuously.


The opportunity to take over the small company Bellecare was a stroke of luck for us. With the focus on the development and production of exclusive natural cosmetics, we can ideally combine our previous experience and interests and implement our vision of an eco-friendly and partnership-managed company. We very much appreciate to be able to combine our different experiences and to provide products that focus on the needs of people who are considerate of themselves and of nature and the fair treatment of all those involved.


We live our passion and follow our device: bellecare = wellcare

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